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The "W" in Harriet Miers' future

There's a "W" in Harriet Miers' future, I believe, and it has nothing to do with her boss's initials.

"Withdraw! Withdraw! All signs point to: Withdraw!" blogs Ann Althouse this morning, in the first post I read in my alphabetically organized Bloglines newsreader. She's not alone.

I keep seeing that word, withdraw, everywhere I turn, particularly as I seek bloggers and columnists who tend to support the Bush administration and voiced their support for newly minted Chief Justice John Roberts. Charles Krauthammer: "Withdraw." Gordon Smith: "Withdraw Miers? ... I agree." Heck, go and Google's new blogsearch tool and enter the words "Miers" and "withdraw" and look what happens

There's even a blog:

That W-word is the focus of nearly every discussion about her nomination this morning, even by supporters. No wonder the WSJ is using a b-word ("blunder"). Today's buzz in the blawgosphere and beyond is that Bush's nomination of his White House Counsel, Miers, has reached "the tipping point," as The Volokh Conspiracy's Orin Kerr posts here, here and here. Kerr, who sounds as though he is bending over backwards to be fair, writes,

"In a sign that the common wisdom may have shifted -- or, if you prefer, a sign that the market hath spoken -- or, perhaps, a sign of nothing at all -- Tradesports betting on Miers today has the chances of her being confirmed in the 20 percent range, down about 40 points from yesterday ..."

Related link: Read wikipedia's definition of the tipping point.

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