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180 pieces of pumpkin pie later: Blawg Review #34

Douglas Sorocco of Phosita offers this week's post-Thanksgiving Blawg Review, in which I found many gems. Here's my favorite:

"B.L. Ochman points to Media Law Resource Center's online list of libel and related lawsuits against bloggers.  In the "this is absurd" category, the case of Ohio v. Baumgartner is highlighted wherein two bloggers were held on charges of intimidation, retaliation and possession of criminal tools (i.e. a computer) ..."

I'm not Sorocco's only fan -- see Bruce MacEwen's A Little Humor Never Hurts, and Bob Ambrogi's Blawg Review #34 is up.

I also see, thanks to the elusive Ed of Blawg Review, that Tony Gill's edition of Carnival of the Capitalists includes many, many links to blawggers today, including links to Legal Redux, which "has gathered information, graphs and charts from an article published in CQ Researcher, an academic journal that looks at current events" and blog affiliate Marc Mayerson. My favorite is this excerpt from the Becker-Posner Blog:

"Economist Gary Becker says, 'Hurricane Katrina and now the danger of an avian flu pandemic -- one an actual, the other a potential, catastrophe for which the nation failed or is failing to prepare adequately -- underscore the need for institutional reforms that will overcome policy myopia based on inability to plan seriously for responding to catastrophes of slight or unknown probability but huge potential harm,' Judge Richard Posner responds."

Would you like to see links to your shiny blawg in next week's Blawg Review? Then I recommend you find out more about the submission guidelines.

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