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Blawg Review #33: Overlawyered

What do you call a blawg that dates back to 1999?? Well, successful for one thing: The authors of Overlawyered, the host of this week's Blawg Review, say their pioneering (not THE blawg pioneer, but one of the pioneers, so simmer down ya'll) typically gets 6,000-8,000 unique visitors on a weekday.

Their weekly carnival of blawggers opens with a little background on these well-respected fossils authors:

"More specifically, there are two of us posting here. One of us (Walter Olson) has been writing about these topics for twenty years as the author of several books ("The Litigation Explosion," "The Excuse Factory," "The Rule of Lawyers") and a great many shorter articles. He's a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute who lives and works in Chappaqua, N.Y., north of New York City. More recently Ted Frank, who's in Washington with the American Enterprise Institute, joined as a regular blogger. Unlike Walter, Ted is a lawyer, having practiced until lately with O'Melveny & Myers. Both of us also blog at the (somewhat more serious-toned) Web site Point Of Law, which unlike this one is sponsored by our respective institutes and boasts numerous other contributing writers ..."

Read on for the best wrap-up on the demise of Underneaththeirrobes that I've read anywhere.

Next week's host is phosita. Want to see your shiny links in their Blawg Review? Read how.

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