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How bad it is: Environmental contamination from Rita, Katrina

Worse news has followed bad. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has published its test results from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, reports J. Craig Williams. For four states, the news is dire:

"Rarely have we experienced these types of contaminants in residential areas on such a wide scale.  Decontamination will be difficult at best because of the pervasive nature of the sediment spread in areas affected by flooding.  Water cleanup can be handled in the normal manner (which will still be expensive), but for the time being, not even boiling water will solve the problem.  Air pollution will dissipate over time, but given the amount of contaminants in the topsoil, there will be some transference to the air as the dirt is disturbed for cleanup.  Most people won't even know about their exposure.

The most difficult aspect of the cleanup will be paying for it ..."

Read on here for Williams' discussion of the challenges in getting businesses and insurers to take responsibility for cleaning up contamination from acts of God. An equally upsetting link is Marc Mayerson's post of last week, "Stranded without Recourse: FEMA Halts Payment of Flood-Insurance Claims."

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