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Judge Posner: Pragmatist or pessimist?

Over at Stanford Law's Center for Internet and Society, Lauren Gelman has been reading Judge Posner's book, "Law, Pragmatism, and Democracy." Let's just say she doesn't share his view of human nature:

"Judge Posner basically thinks that efforts to engage the unengaged are futile or otherwise not worth it, and a view of democracy that accepts that 50% of the population doesn’t vote is preferred to one that asks how can we get more people to engage to effect decisions made by others that impact on their lives ... "I think this view is so depressing I can't envision how he wrote 400 pages describing it. The project I'm working on may be aspirational, which never before did I think was a negative, but hopefully it can offer an insight into how we can improve our system by engaging some more people in the conversation about it. "

So, what do you think?

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