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Blawg Review Awards 2005

Ladyjustice_1 Meet Lady Justice or Themis, as portrayed by She-Hulk and Greg Horn, Marvel artiste extraordinaire. She is your host for Blawg Review Awards 2005, which is most appropriate, given her day job and her not-so-mild-mannered alter-ego. If you don't know Jennifer's backstory, then you need to read on. As the inimitable "Ed" of Blawg Review writes,

"Whenever awards are handed out by one's peers, it is often said that it's an honor just to be nominated. Nowhere is that more true, perhaps, than in Blawg Review, where a different host each week recommends the best recent law blog posts for everyone's attention.

"At year end, we take a break from our regular issues of Blawg Review, while Lady Justice passes judgment on law bloggers who, for better or worse, caught her eye as she peeked from underneath her blindfold..." More

Ed goes on to warn that "no amount of influence in the blogosphere, nor any number of friends voting for your law blog, gets you one of these statues" and as a reader, I'm gratified to see many of my faves on the list. Wonder who won best Blawg Review overall? Themis nails it. Best blawg by a firm? By a law prof? Specialty blog? Blawg diva? Best lifetime achievement award in blawgging? 

She's good, that She-Hulk. And there are so many more categories. If you accept Ed's challenge and add your own categories and winners, please link them below.

So here's to Blawg Review, the best carnival in existence, for a terrific wrap-up of its first year. And here's to legal justice in 2006. I don't think it will be pretty.

See you on Jan. 2.


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