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How to work part-time -- a holiday shout-out to parents

As someone who has been juggling kid(s) and work for nine years now, I think Carolyn Elefant offers terrific advice in her post, Yes, You Can Be A Part Time Shingler. She's pretty frank about the part-time work realities for full-time parents:

"[I]t doesn't always seem part time.  Before my girls were in school full time and I worked a reduced schedule, I often spent several hours putting in time on weekends or evenings to make a deadline because I was watching my daughters during the day.  My husband and parents wondered why I was always working, but in reality, I was merely just making up time that I'd lost during the week.   

"Many times, I was also frustrated by the limitations of part-time practice.  Sometimes, I'd have to miss an interesting networking event because I didn't have childcare at a particular time to watch my daughters or turn down work because it was too erratic. 

"But to my mind, while succeeding at a part-time practice may be a bit more of challenge, the benefits are well-worth the extra effort."

Agreed! Happy third blog-anniversary, Carolyn, from just one of the readers who agrees with Objective Justice when he writes, "The longer I read Carolyn Elefant's stuff the better I like her."

Here's to many more years of good advice.

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