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Listener's guide to blawg-casts

In "2005: Year of the Podcast," Bob Ambrogi lists his top ten favorite legal bloggers who record and publish online audiocasts or "podcasts." He doesn't stop with ten. Ambrogi provides an extended listener's guide and some podcasting how-tos for beginning listeners. For anyone who doubts the headline of Ambrogi's article in Legal Technology (a pub), he points out today that "podcast" is the word of the year according to the New Oxford American Dictionary.

He's right to put his own audio show with co-host J. Craig Williams, Coast To Coast, on the list. See if you agree: Listen to this week's show on military recruiting at law schools, where they explore the Rumsfeld v. FAIR case argued before the Supreme Court this week. I'd also add a relatively new blawgcast to his list, The Wired GC's Unplugged.

Here's my question for you:  Do you make the time to listen to podcasts and, if so, why?

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