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Rees Morrison: The good and bad of legal journalism

It's rare that Rees Morrison rants. So when he does, I listen. His post today, "A journalist's view ...," is a keeper for anyone writing about the legal world. Here goes:

"Thank goodness we have Corporate Legal Times, Corporate Counselor, Legal Week, GC New York, GC Mid-Atlantic, ACC Docket and all the other publications that pry into corporate legal operations.

"Thank badness, however, that journalists sometimes jump to conclusions about 'law departments,' as if it were possible to detect the spring of change from a swallow's feather.  Eager to draw conclusions for the 7,000-plus law departments (in the U.S. alone), journalists eagerly coronate the latest new thing. ..."

Don't miss his definition of "HACKNEYED" in the rest of the piece.

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