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UPDATED: What if the legal department had strategic value?

Book The Wired GC is fascinated by this new book by HBS professor and attorney Constance Bagley. Of her latest, titled "Winning Legally: How Managers Can Use the Law to Create Value, Marshal Resources, and Manage Risk," he writes,

"The professor notes that management, up to the CEO, needs to understand the legal dimensions of operating the modern business ... Any effective use of law as a strategic weapon would require alignment between in-house and outside counsel. Doing this effectively under the reigning billable hour model is a perennial challenge for today’s general counsel. Tomorrow, an interview with a leader behind a new initiative that applies technology to this challenge in an innovative and cost-effective manner ..."

Update: In a related post, WGC interviewed with Forrest Morgan, Vice President and General Counsel, the Law Department Purchasing Consortium. You can hear the interview by tuning in to Unplugged #4, “Trusted Neutrality Driving Improved Business Legal Services.”

Rees Morrison has a different take on the law department's role company strategy. In "Is law-department strategic plan an oxymoron?" he writes, "the term 'strategic planning' overly glorifies what law departments can actually start from scratch to transform. The weaker meaning of the term, more like 'thinking about the future,' is not moronic." Read his entire post here.

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