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Have you ever waived fees even if you've done nothing wrong?

Here's why you might want to consider it, according to Carolyn Elefant. She recommends The Greatest American Lawyer's post, "Have you ever considered waiving fees even when you did nothing wrong?" Elefant digs into his details and then offers her 2 cents:

"[T]here's more to legal practice than professional ethics -- and I think that we lawyers cling so tightly to our ethics code so that we can avoid thinking about what's fair or what's decent.  If we want to improve the image of our profession, it's not enough that we do what's professionally ethical; that's just a starting point.   Beyond that, we still need to make sure that what we're doing is right. Seems to me that GAL is doing just that.

"Are you?"

Check out her take on the Greatest's scenario and his decision here. Do you agree? Or should the client bear the brunt of the court's reversal?

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