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Never mind overturning 'Roe v. Wade' -- they made Mrs. Alito cry!

Day Four has dawned ... but before we trip over to SCOTUSblog for minute-by-minute liveblogging of what other 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judges think of their colleague and Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito, let's review Day Three shall we? Because, depending upon whom you listen to about Day Three of Sam Alito's nomination hearings, you could seriously get the impression that:

(1) Some Democrat made Mrs. Alito cry yesterday

"[T]he NYTimes is blaming Democrats for Mrs. Alito's sobfest -- never mind that Republican Lindsey Graham was the one making her cry," writes ReddHedd on FireDogLake. "It was an old trial attorney trick that Graham pulled out of his briefcase yesterday, and the NYTimes and the teevee media are lapping it up. Suckers ..."

Why did Mrs. Alito leave the room in tears? You can read the transcript here. That behavior did nothing to soften the heart of James Wolcott toward her husband's testimony on abortion rights or executive powers, or the partisan theatricals that ensued.

Blackprof's Sherrilyn Ifill has the last word on this -- in her opinion, Mrs. Alito is not the one who should be crying here.

(2) Hankies aside, some blawggers found the event pre-tty mind-numbing anyhoo

"I'm sorry, yesterday was sluggish," blogs Ann Althouse. "The fact that Kennedy blew a gasket at one point and that Mrs. Alito left the room at another was not enough to dilute the overwhelming tedium of the event. I mean, how tedious does something need to be that a woman walking out of room is a big to-do?

The experience also does nothing for Norm Pattis, who is so underwhelmed by the proceedings that today he suggests, "Let's Get Rid of Confirmation Hearings." Pattis writes, "Perhaps we ought to give up on confirmation hearings. They are tiring theater. The Senate pokes and prods, and the nominee stonewalls.  We the people, learn nothing." His reader Windypundit quickly declines the suggestion, however: "I believe I can refute that with three words: Justice Harriet Miers."

Michelle Malkin gives all props to the man in the hot seat: "Judge Alito has the endurance of a triathlete. Don't know how he can keep a straight face."

(3) Crying, partisan toddler behavior trumps civil discourse on rights

"The drama of the hearings' third day nearly overshadowed the significance of the position Alito staked out on the landmark abortion case, Roe v. Wade, reported Amy Goldstein and Charles Babington in the Washington Post. "Alito edged closer to suggesting that he might be willing to reconsider Roe if he is confirmed to the high court, refusing, under persistent questioning by Democrats, to say that he regards the 1973 decision as "settled law" that "can't be re-examined." In this way, his answers departed notably from those that Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. gave when asked similar questions during his confirmation hearings four months ago."

I draw your attention to the first sentence: Nearly? No, not nearly -- definitely.

(4) Sen. Hatch may look like Alfred E. Neuman, but Sen. Cornyn acts like him

AlfredDoes this guy look familiar? Commenter bluewild on the mock-Alito blog thinks so -- read the comment comparing Sen. Orin Hatch, R-Utah, to a certain Mad magazine cover model here. Meanwhile, Melissa Patterson's straight-arrow liveblogging on SCOTUSblog cracked me up yesterday. Check out this entry:

"5:25 Cornyn is confessing to a mistake. Accuracy and clarity are important. Cornyn is embarrassed for calling the nominee "Scalito" yesterday ..."

What are you reading that I should? Thanks for your links below ...

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