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A filibuster of Kerry's imagination or a real possibility?

As Democrats defect left and right, Reuters is quoting Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid as saying that the filibuster idea touted yesterday by Sen. John Kerry, D-Ma., is a no-go. Reid reportedly said,

"Everyone knows there is not enough votes to support a filibuster," Reid said, referring to the procedural roadblock that some Democrats said should be used to put off a vote on Alito.

"The Nevada Democrat said, however, he would vote for such a measure to at least send a message of opposition to the nominee. That vote will come on Monday with final confirmation set for Tuesday."

I really don't want to get into a mosh pit of donkeys and elephants here, but I will say that I enjoyed the heck out of the comments on Ann Althouse's column this a.m. Here's what her reader Pogo said about Kerry, and it's a strong echo of what I'm reading elsewhere from bloggers on multiple sides of the aisle (albeit varying degrees of angst and joy):

"[I]n Kerry's leaden style, lacking wit or nuance, he manages to remind people why he was rejected.
"1. Phoning in the complaint.
2. From Europe.
3. From Switzerland, no less.
4. Skiing at a posh resort.
5. Making Important Decisions with the Elite Few Rulers of the World
6. Unconcerned with rallying fellow Democrat Senators.
Is it possible to create a worse scenario, more tin-eared, more selfish, more irrelevant? He's become Elmer Fudd, delusional Senator, repeating to himself: "My name is John Kerry Fudd, pwesident. I own a mansion and a yacht."


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