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Blawg Review #42: "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Blawgosphere"

Hitchhiker Pictured to the left is none other than Douglas Adams, the late, great author of a book that had nothing to do with legal blogging -- and everything to do (in my opinion, whether or not I always agreed with him) with opening your mind.

Adams' ethic infuses Blawg Review #42, the brainchild of Blawgger Kevin A. Thompson. This review is hosted on his blog, Cyberlaw Central. And while I would prefer to steal the entire piece and present it as my own, I'll sneak only this snippet of the opus:

In the Hitchhikers universe, a good example of branding is the planet Magrathea. Everybody has heard of it, but nobody knows where to find it. Accordingly, I’ve put posts dealing with marketing, client development, and customer service here.

  • Patrick Lamb, at In Search of Perfect Client Service, discusses law firm branding in his recent post. The gist is that bad branding doesn’t work, but good branding is the key to a successful business. Read the article for more insights and links to others on the topic.
  • David Swanner, at the South Carolina Trial Law Blog, has a great post this week entitled “What cases do you refuse?” David is also notable for one of his marketing ideas, putting together a CD with over 100 PowerPoint examples, see here how to get one.
  • Check out Wankettes, written by the Editor of Blawg Review, looking at the current job of David Lat, now a writer with Wonkette. Curiously, some of the guest writers on Wonkette have been lawyers. [Is this a good place to mention that I’m not the anonymous Editor, either?]
  • Another similar post written by Andrew Raff also looks at the self-outing of Melissa Lafsky of Opinionista fame. Book deals are in place! In this case, it’s well-deserved -- I can attest that Lafsky writes well, I’ve been following her blog for a while wondering how long it would be before she outed herself ..."
  • Now. Don't forget that Blawg Review is published every Monday. Your ideas are due waaaay before then. To find out more, read A Few Simple Rules.

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