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How to use sites and blawgs to market your law firm

It can be done wrong. Outrageous branding. Constant huckstering of your firm's services rather than content that serves the reader. For anyone who's considering whether and how to launch a Web presence (blawg or otherwise) I recommend you read Bob Ambrogi's article on, "Package Your Message in a Mini-Web Site." Ambrogi has a number of examples, to which I recommend you add Monica Bay's recommendation of a promising new blog, Government Contracts Litigation. The blawg's an extension of the firm Preston Gates & Ellis. I have to say, blawggers Richard Hanson and Mark Jackson make a good case for extending firm brands via expert legal blogging. The writing is great and it's a genuine service -- not only is the firm gently branded on the site, but I don't see every article concluding with a sales pitch. Good useful links.

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