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Kerry calls for filibuster as Alito accepts GOP congrats

Unless you're asleep at the watercooler, it's impossible to surf the Web without learning that even as Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito is accepting congrats from Republicans and picking up a second Democratic supporter, former Democratic presidential candidate and senator John Kerry, D-Mass., says he will attempt to lead a filibuster against the nomination.

TalkLeft is all for it: "Keep calling the Alito-8. And I'd add, end the tyranny of the gang of 14." NRO's Bench Memo questions Kerry's decision to invoke none other than Ann Coulter in his announcement. Ann Althouse says the The NYT wants a filibuster. I'm with Wonkette Thing 2 aka Chris Geidner: "When it becomes apparent that this is more than a cheap 'why didn’t you vote for me?' publicity stunt -- i.e., when he [Kerry] convinces enough other senators to support his effort that it matters -- then we can talk."

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