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Perhaps Counselor Pattis could help me defend what I said to my son's math teacher?

See what I mean: Read Mike Cernovich's piece, "Houston v. Hill Lives!" in which he describes how co-blogger Norm Pattis effectively defended a client's outrageously colorful yet constitutionally protected speech to a police officer. Cernovich elaborates:

"The police officer did not immediately issue the defendant a ticket.  The defendant, however, never threatened the officer or otherwise prevented him from issuing a ticket.  In other words, the prosecution charged the defendant for conduct solely associated with her speech.

"Unfortunately for the defendant, she was convicted after a jury trial.  Properly, the appeals court reversed the conviction on a sufficiency of the evidence rationale.  Since the prosecutor did not present any evidence other than the defendant's constitutionally-protected speech in his case-in-chief for hindering a police officer, the conviction could not stand ..."

To find out what the defendant said to one of Connecticut's finest, click here.

Congrats counselor. I may need your help ...

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