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What say you: Senate approves Alito, 58-42

Via SCOTUSblog, along with my gratitude for their terrific liveblogging of the hearings:

"The Senate at midday Tuesday approved the nomination of Samuel A. Alito, Jr., to be a Justice of the Supreme Court. The vote was 58-42, with all but one of the Senate's 55 Republicans voting for him. Only four of the Senate's 44 Democrats voted for him.

"Alito won six more votes of approval than Justice Clarence Thomas did in 1991 -- the last nomination that created major controversy in the Senate. The 52-48 vote in Thomas' favor marked the lowest level of support in the Senate for any of the current Justices. Thomas, however, did gain more Democratic support: 11 votes, compared to Alito's four. Alito fell 20 votes short of the favorable votes to confirm Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., in September.

"Immediately after the Senate vote Tuesday, it became obvious that the White House, not the Supreme Court, was making the decisions on when Alito would take his oaths of office and begin his service ..."

For more, I recommend Alito Confirmed for Supreme Court. Now I'm handing it over to you -- please track back your posts so that I can read what you think!

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