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What honey? Sorry, I was listening to Lessig on my iPod

Oooh, iCLE via iTunes? Check out the latest, courtesy of The Wired GC's surfing guide:

"Will you soon be able to hear Stanford Law's Lawrence Lessig lecturing on Intellectual Property Reform through your iPod?

"Forbes relates an interesting story about how Stanford University is putting course lectures and other Cardinal content on the Web through Apple's iTunes for free download (I was unable to find it on iTunes before I hit my deadline …).

"Moves like this can accelerate something else: lawyer CLE options through podcasting technology ... What is fascinating about Stanford's experiment is that it is giving it all away. This could be disruptive for some business models attached to education and podcasting. It's probably a Top 10 university strategy for now. But down the road, who knows?"

Ah, yes, the vagaries of "giving it all away ..." How evolved. How perfectly un-Ivy. How likely to get the attention of the smartest 13-300 year-olds out there. What do you think?

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