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Would you blog at biglaw?

"Can any biglaw associates answer this question for me:  Why would you write posts for a biglaw blog?" asks Carolyn Elefant. She then goes on to makes an argument against the anonymous blogging required by so many firms that warms this writer's heart, saying:

"Recently, I've been checking out some of the biglaw blogs, like Sheppard Mullin's Antitrust Law Blog, Davis, Wright & Tremaine's Telecom Law Blog or Preston, Ellis, Gate's e-Discovery Blog.  Though presumably associates write the bulk of the posts, none of the blogs give any attribution to the individual writer.  In that regard, associates are far better off writing a traditional article, where at least they can show authorship.   

"None of this is surprising, of course, in light of the phenomenon of the "invisible associate," discussed here or here ..."

Is she right about these blogs? Sound off here.

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