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You're indicted. Will the company pony up for your defense?

The Wired GC examines Plame Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's latest bit of handiwork, "an indictment against Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc. and two employees (including an in-house lawyer) on fraud charges related to the awarding of a $49 million Cook County, Illinois, hospital contract. "

WGC addresses two important points. In the first he asks whether the company is going to pony up and defend these guys. In the second, he does something extraordinarily rare, something I greatly admire:  WGC credits the blawgger who wrote the story. Here:

"Peter Lattman of WSJ Law Blog was the ace on the case, first spotting this story last week; Professor Ribstein has further thoughts here, with an interesting angle on the potential applicability of Sarbanes-Oxley." More here.

Dang. This is why WGC is a blawgger I'll always read. And am so much more likely to trust.

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