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Blawg Review #44: Health Care Law Bobs [sic]

A fantastic job by Bob Coffield, who manages to inject a healthy dose of West Virginia humor to topics that are among the most dire in the legal world. Here's a taster:

"Nick Jacobs, the CEO at Windber Medical Center and regular blogger at Nick's Blog, guest posts at Hospital Impact. His End-of-Life Care Healthcare will end the life of healthcare indicates why we all need to discuss with each other, our families and our nation end of life care issues and the impact on the health care system. Nick's Blog, the first known hospital CEO blog, is an excellent example of how blogs can be used by a CEO to communicate to staff, employees, customers (or in this case patients) and the community.

"While mentioning end of life care issues, Dennis Kennedy points out the importance of end of life IT planning in What Happens to Blogs, Email and the Rest of Your Online Presence When You Die?"

But a taste will not cure you. To really learn what mattered from last week (and why he's calling his review the "Bobs") you should read the whole thing.

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