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When blawgging has a productive tone of whining

Carolyn Elefant writes a response to a post from a blogger who criticizes those that complain in Web logs about the practice of law. While not one to complain, she says, complaining in the form of Web logs opens a new window into the never-before-seen view of large law firms. Elefant writes:

"I graduated from law school in 1988.  Back then, I'd say that 90 percent of my classmates assumed that they'd go on to work at a challenging, intellectually stimulating biglaw job, make partner in seven years and be set for life.  Back then, no one ever really complained about the drawbacks of large firm practice, the drudgery for young associates, the sacrifices you make for your family, the lack of experience and training that you actually receive at a large firm, and the seeming randomness, and sometimes even inequities of partnership decisions.   Blogging is changing all of that.  Blogging, even that of a whiny, complaining nature, exposes the dark underside of biglaw practice that so many lawyers were ashamed to talk about."

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