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Gallup's black rose to blawgosphere contains jewel

I'm not a Gallup subscriber, so I cannot read the full report by Gallup that Bob Ambrogi recommends. In his overview and the short description on the Gallup site, I see that the esteemed research company has accused the blogosphere of anemic growth.

Before you despair of the time, energy and personal or even firm resources you're pouring into your legal blog(s), I would point out a couple of things:

  • If bloggers are the cream of the crop of Internet users,  lawyers are arguably the creme de la creme -- a deep industry vertical of professionals whose business is exchanging breaking news and information, who were arguably the second largest industry to flock online (right after tech) to meet the information gap created by the long publishing cycles of law reviews and other publications
  • Don't miss Ambrogi's point, that "No surprise, the survey shows a generation gap in blog readership. " Hmm. Wonder which way that will trend ...
  • Note Gallup author Lydia Saad's opener, that "Gallup's latest examination of Americans' online habits finds that one in five Web users read Web-logs, or "blogs," either frequently or occasionally." That's even more people than comScore estimated(PDF).

More here.

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