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NOLA update: Mother Nature bats last

Law Technology News Editor Monica Bay wrote a beautiful post Saturday about her own experience discovering the city of New Orleans, post-Hurricane Katrina:

"It occurred to me today that it took more than a year to clean up one skyscraper in NYC -- how are they ever going to clean up miles and miles and miles of debris???

"No2_7 Everybody here tends to compare it to Berlin -- west v. east. I think that's a good analogy. One minute, you're in downtown which feels fairly intact, despite a lot of still-broken windows. Five minutes later, over a bridge, and you are in complete, utter, flat. Piles and piles and piles of broken wood. And so many houses sitting on top of cars it becomes a routine sight after 10 minutes. (click to enlarge photo)

"My friend Richard Peck said something to me last week that has haunted and resonated with me -- 'Stay vulnerable, Monica.'  If anything is hitting me, it's that we are ALL vulnerable no matter how we fool ourselves to get thru everyday life.

"This is not just about New Orleans, this is about the power of Mother Nature, and no one is immune: Not San Francisco, Florida, Oklahoma, Wyoming.  Water, wind, fire. As someone said yesterday at lunch: Mother Nature bats last. "

More here. I encourage you to comment on on Monica's blog, rather than here.

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