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Dark Side of Going In House

Weighing an offer to go in house? Rees Morrison picks up on a report by BCG Attorney Search, The 'Dark Side' of Going In House, which offers five reasons to just say no:

  • It is extremely difficult to get another law firm job once you have gone in house.
  • The overwhelming majority of attorneys do not reap an economic windfall when they go in house.
  • It is very difficult to move to another in-house job once you have gone in house.
  • Your legal skills are likely to deteriorate once you go in house.
  • You may have to work as hard in house as you did in a law firm.

Going in house is not all darkness, the BCG report says, to which Morrison adds:

"To these rays of light I would add that you can believe in what your client is doing more than in a law firm and you neither have to market -- in the same way that law firm partners have to bring in business -- nor do you have to track time."

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