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David Boies' Fame, and the Reason for It

I caught this blurb in the The New York Times yesterday about David Boies, the mega-Renaissance lawyer, and I see that it's been picked up by  The WSJ Law Blog along with a post to earlier coverage of Boies.  The reason that Boies fascinates me is that once upon a time, he was a partner at Cravath, the law firm that my Cornell Law School classmates most coveted back in the mid '80s.  Great job, sure, but had Boies stayed there, I don't think that any of this publicity would ever have come his way.  By striking out on his own, Boies gained the flexibility to take cases like Microsoft (where he worked for reduced fees) and Bush v. Gore, which took him from anonymous biglaw partnerdom to a household name.   Boies inspires me, but then again, I'm a
solo.  I wonder why Boies isn't more of an inspiration to large-firm lawyers toiling in obscurity and why more haven't followed his lead.

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