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Don't Forget Your Legal Fees

As if lawyers needed to be reminded, Norm Pattis explains why it is important to charge fees:

"My advice to young practitioners? Don't scramble so for cases that you fail to charge enough. I've spoken to more than one young lawyer in the past month who is at wits end over the impossible demands of impossible clients. Protect yourself and your firm by charging fees sufficient to permit you to get the job done, and fees high enough to let clients know that if they insist on wasting your time, they, and not you, will pay for it."

Norm is right of course. Many a solo or small-firm lawyer learned this lesson the hard way. That is not to say lawyers should not offer their services for free. Rather, as Norm puts it so well:

"As lawyers we are all free to give our time away as often as we like. Indeed, it is our obligation to serve and to offer pro bono service. But we get to choose the person to whom we give."

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