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Law Student Gives Prof Unwanted Press

Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Harvey has the story of the law student who went the extra mile for a professor -- perhaps an extra mile too many. The student at the University of West Los Angeles School of Law e-mailed several Los Angeles Times reporters with this request:

"My Midterm Assignment is for me to contact a Writer at the Los Angeles Times and find a way for my Professor, Jeffrey W. Steinberger, to contribute a Quote, Commentary or Sound Bite to a column or article you may be writing in the future."

Annoyed by the e-mails, a Times reporter called Steinberger. Harvey explains what happened next:

"Steinberger, whose website describes him as a 'celebrity attorney,' among other things, told the reporter that there was a misunderstanding. He wanted students in the law and media studies class only to reach out to members of the media to learn how to talk to them -- not to try to get his name in the paper."

Lesson learned. Maybe too well.

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