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Springing into Legal Blog Watch

On this, the first day of spring, I am honored to join Carolyn Elefant and Scott Martin as a contributor to Legal Blog Watch. It feels a bit like a homecoming, but to a place where everything is changed.

I once worked for ALM, in a job that put me in daily contact with staff. They were separate companies then, under common ownership. was still struggling to find its place in the digital world. I would sometimes hear the remark, " doesn't seem to get it." I never hear that anymore. is now a vital center of the online legal community. Proof it now gets it is its blog network. Let's face it, when launched the network in 2004, it took a risk. In my opinion, it was a risk that's paid off handsomely.

Many people deserve credit for that, but one who stands out is Lisa Stone. Lisa gave birth to Legal Blog Watch and nurtured it toward maturity. Her voice and perspective gave this blog its distinct personality and place. I wish her continued success with BlogHer.

This weekend, a neighbor of mine, on learning that I have two blogs and a podcast, said, "Bob, you're a geek." I accept that as a compliment, but hasten to add that I am also a lawyer and a journalist. I hope to bring all these perspectives to bear as I step in for Lisa and join Carolyn and Scott as part-time stepparent to Legal Blog Watch.

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