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The Evil Twin Defense

Nicole Black of Sui Generis has an interesting post on the recent arrest of Claude Allen, a former Bush adviser standing charges for felony theft related to fraudulent merchandise returns.   Apparently, Claude Allen has a twin brother from "the other side of the tracks" whom some have suggested is the true culprit -- and that issue may potentially be raised as a defense.

The "evil twin" defense sounds implausible when it comes to big name politicos (imagine Clinton raising an "evil twin" defense in his impeachment, though I guess that some claimed that the Clinton's womanizing side was some type of "evil twin").  But Black writes that the defense is quite common in the types of routine criminal matters she has handled, where an innocent person was initially charged for crimes committed by their identical twin.  Black writes, "It's a perfectly legitimate defense, and may actually explain the bizarre actions attributed to this formerly upstanding citizen."

One thing to be said about blogs is that you definitely learn something new everyday!

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