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A few days ago, in one of those small world Internet ways, I learned about a new Web log (new to me, anyway), Legal Literacy, written by Hanna Hasl-Kelchner, a corporate attorney with a business background who serves as associate counsel for a large corporation.  (turns out we both worked for the same midsized D.C. law firm during different decades).  Hanna's blog addresses a variety of issues important both for in-house attorneys as well as outside counsel who serve corporations.  There's a bunch of posts on business blindspots and also practical advice.  For example, in today's post, Hanna  offers some nuggets on the attorney-client relationship, including one of her peeves:  poor communication.  One of her examples:

"How would you like to find out that your law firm has assigned a new senior partner to your cases without telling?  His billing rate is higher than anyone else's previously on the team and no one has bothered to explain why the change was necessary.  Actually, you find out about the change from the billing department looking to authorize a new timekeeper, not from any of the lawyers managing your cases.  Would this make you happy? [...]  If there's a compelling reason to adjust case staffing and add a seasoned heavy weight, fine.  But please pick-up the phone and tell me why.  Show me the value."

Let me know if you find this blog worth adding to your aggregator.

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