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Can A Firm Make Associates Enthusiastic Employees?

Bruce MacEwan starts this post with a quote about yet another disgruntled and unenthused law firm associate complaining about inefficiencies and poor management and treatment of employees at his law firm and others.  But unlike many other associates, this fellow did some research on management and came up with a book that MacEwan recommends to firms:  "The Enthusiastic Employee."  Granted, in today's law firm culture, an "enthusiastic associate" is almost an oxymoron. But it doesn't have to be that way -- and in fact, enthusiastic employees can substantially improve the firm's bottom line.  As the book's dust jacket reads:

"Enthusiastic employees far out-produce and outperform the average  workforce: they step up to do the hard, even 'impossible' jobs.  They'll rally each others' spirits in even the toughest times. Most  people are enthusiastic when they're hired -- hopeful, ready to work  hard, eager to contribute. What happens? Management, that's what."

Isn't that  what law firms want?   MacEwan thinks they should -- and  for those who don't believe the benefits, MacEwan reminds them:  "How much does it cost to replace an associate?"

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