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Do You Need to Waste Time Traveling to Meetings These Days?

In this post, Computer Desktop Brings Remote Meetings to the Masses, Larry Bodine reports on some of the advancements that have been made in online videoconferencing.   Though back in the 1990s, videoconferencing was supposed to eliminate travel, expectations failed to materialize because of the cost and inferior quality of available technology.   Larry reports on new PC conferencing services that work much better and provide Web conferencing for up to 100 users for a monthly fee of $1,500, still out of the price range for small firms, but probably a savings on time and travel for larger companies. (note -- there are per diem conferencing services that smaller firms can use on an as needed basis).

Being a marketing expert, Larry concludes with a way that this service can benefit law firm marketing:

"So here's the marketing angle: professional firms can use desktop meetings to confer with remote clients, without either party having to buy any expensive equipment.  The same time and airfare cost savings are gained as with old-time video conferencing.  Law firms that market their online meeting capability will be more attractive to clients and be able to distinguish themselves from competitors."

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