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Good Legal Writing -- Do Show, Not Tell

Matthew Lerner at New York Civil Law tells us about a relatively new blog on legal writing, Ray Ward's New Legal Writer. Needless to say, Ward's blog is well-written (it had better be, given the close scrutiny it's bound to receive from his writer colleagues).  But like so much of what's been written about legal writing, the blog thus far engages more in telling about good legal writing, rather than showing how it's done (for the importance of show rather than tell, see, e.g.,   here or here).  I don't know about anyone else, but the best way for me to improve my own writing is to read other examples that really shine.   With so many briefs online these days, it shouldn't be hard to cull real life examples of fine writing, yet there's little that's plucked out and used to demonstrate good form.  Is this because so much legal writing is just serviceable and mediocre, but nothing more?  Or do we not recognize good legal writing when we see it?  Whatever the reason, I'd love to know your thoughts, but not as much as I'd love to see some really top quality legal writing.  Feel free to send it my way! 

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