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Judge Scolds Lawyers for Misbehaving in the Sandbox, er, Courtroom

If you've ever spent time with children engaged in a spat (it's mine, no it's not, it's mine, no it's not, etc ...), then the conduct described in this Legal Intelligencer article, Federal Judge Takes Attorneys to Task Over Tactics, may remind you of that experience.  According to the article, attorneys on both sides of an insurance bad faith case filed 19 pre-trial motions that District Judge John P. Fullam ultimately disposed of with a two-page memorandum that denied all of them.  Wrote the judge:

"It seems clear that counsel are more interested in annoying each other than in advancing meritorious positions."

Though both sides were at fault, the judge reserved most of his criticism for Allstate and the Dechert firm lawyers who represented the insurer.   Despite all of Allstate's filing, the case still survived summary judgment and will proceed to trial.

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