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The Divorce Petition and its Backstory

It is the stuff of Internet legend. Twenty years ago, a Texas lawyer by the name of Paul Frank Hensler filed in his own behalf what may go down in legend as the most bizarre divorce petition ever. Handwritten in a generous variety of script and block letters and creatively illustrated with pictures of trumpets, drum rolls and hearts, it prays for divorce from a woman he describes as a "transient person having her residence in a 1970 Chrysler," but whom he "loves with all his [picture of a heart] despite it all." The petition claims that the marriage had become unsupportable, "because of, ho-hum, conflict of personalities between Petitioner and Respondent, but chiefly because of conflict of personalities between Respondent and Respondent."

Reading it, one is uncertain whether to laugh or cry. Buffalo Wings & Vodka says it is a document "that will renew your faith in love." Probative calls it "hilarious." Roll on Friday says the petition is "superb," noting that the petitioner "has scrawled the whole thing in a childlike hand complete with little drawings."

But then comes de novo, who, with the help of a little Westlaw research, comes up with the rest of the story. It appears that the story is more tragic than humorous, one charted by a record in the courts, suggesting that both Mr. and Mrs. Hensler had legal, financial and personal difficulties.

Read de novo's post for what Paul Harvey would call "the rest of the story."

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