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What Fools These Bloggers Be!

Who better to present the first Blawg Review in April than a fool in the forest? But wait, this April 1 edition is merely a prequel, "strewing roses in the pathway" (as self-anointed "fool" George M. Wallace puts it) to the "real and non-foolish Blawg Review #51."

As it turns out, April 1 was a day of several startling reports from legal bloggers:

  • Seeking long-overdue reforms in their wages and working conditions, associates at large law firms have been secretly organizing a union, The Wired GC learns.
  • The IP blog Patent Baristas breaks the news that it has been acquired by Google for $1.3 billion. Chief blogger Stephen Albainy-Jenei expressed excitement about the deal, noting that Google also provides free coffee to its employees.
  • Ever the romantic, Ernie the Attorney points us to the launch of Google Romance, which observes, "When you think about it, love is just another search problem. And we’ve thought about it. A lot." Ever the skeptic, Overlawyered finds the Google Romance legal disclaimer.
  • The research professionals at ResourceShelf note the launch of's RhymeRank, which searches for results that rhyme with the original query.
  • Perhaps most shocking of all, The Greatest American Lawyer is exposed to be an 18-year-old high school dropout.

Fearing such an onslaught of April foolish news, some legal bloggers opted to take the high ground, such as David Giacalone, avoiding "lame attempts at humor." Others, as Giacalone points out, went on the offensive, such as this advance warning from the American Antitrust Institute that There is Nothing Funny About Antitrust.

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