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Why Is Associate Pay So High?

Why are associates paid so much at large law firms? At Adam Smith, Esq., Bruce MacEwen, prompted by Saturday's Wall Street Journal op-ed, "Cut My Salary, Please!," looks for answers to this question. He begins his search in the world of economics and looks to the "efficiency-wage theory":

"the novel insight of which is that paying higher wages, even above-market wages, will be profitable if it makes workers disproportionately productive. "

As an explanation, this theory is plausible, MacEwen says, but he also notes the existence of non-economic explanations, including this one:

"[T]here may be an entirely appropriate, fitting, and survivability-testing aspect to paying people a lot and asking them to work like crazy: That's exactly what partners' lives are. If you don't take to it as an associate, you won't as a partner. Firms could be cannier than we give them credit for."

Will this issue go away in the foreseeable future? "For my money, scarcely a chance," MacEwen says.   

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