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A Happy Lawyer?

Bob Ambrogi unearths  what apparently has become an endangered species:   A Happy Lawyer.  If you think that this creature made gazillions at a big firm or on a huge class action and retired to Tahiti at the age of 30 for a life of leisure, you'd be wrong.  This lawyer, Ray Brescia, is actually practicing law.  And while Brescia doesn't make much money as director of a nonprofit legal clinic at the Urban Justice Center, he makes something more rewarding:  justice.   

Maybe representing the poor isn't your calling, but that's not really the lesson of the article to my mind.  Instead, it's about finding that passion, that "je ne sais quois" that inspires you to get up in the morning and to make the most of every day at your job.  If only all of us lawyers could find that sense of fit between our work and our skills and our passions that Brescia has managed to achieve.

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