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The Success of a Blogging Associate Who's Kept His Identity

Several months ago at My Shingle, I wondered why associates at large firms were willing to blog without personal attribution.   After reading this piece, Associate's IP Blog Is Patently Good Publicity, describing McDonnell, Boehnen associate Dennis Crouch's success with his Patently O blog, I can't see any justification for associates blogging anonymously -- or for a law firm to want them to.

After all, look at the results that third-year associate Crouch has obtained for himself and his firm:

"In two years, Patently-O has won Crouch thousands of fans, a book deal and speaking engagements galore. It's also landed his firm, Chicago's McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, new clients."

Crouch's firm also cuts him some slack on meeting firm billable requirements in recognition of the benefits that his blog brings.

The Crouch model for associate bloggers beats the conventional nonattribution model hands down, in my view.   When associates keep credit for a blog and collect rewards like book deals and notoriety, they have incentive to make the blog even better -- which eventually inures to the firm's benefit.   Those same incentives don't exist at BigLaw blogs where posts are unattributed and thus, it would not surprise me in the least if these firms are not reaping the same rewards from their blogging efforts as Crouch's firm is.

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