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Blawging Comes of Age

Thanks to Law Blog for the pointer to this Chicago Lawyer article, "Law-Related Blogging Starting to See a Coming of Age." It offers several real-life examples of the impact blogging has had on the legal profession and on the lawyers who write blogs. There is Douglas A. Berman, whose Sentencing Law and Policy has  brought him greater recognition than the more than 50 law review articles he has written. There is Ian Best, the first law student to receive academic credit for writing a blog, 3L Epiphany. And there is Dennis Crouch, whose Patently-O blog launched as a first-year associate at a patent-law firm helped catapult him into a position teaching patent and computer law at Boston University School of Law. Crouch tells the Chicago Lawyer:

"The blogosphere kind of levels the playing field, in that someone who's not well-known and maybe doesn't have his own network of potential clients can show the world that they are somewhat of an expert in an area. If people read what you're writing on a daily basis, and you're writing interesting things that are helping them understand how their business works, it's natural that they'll want to get in touch with you and harness more of your expertise."

Evan Brown, who writes, says the value of blogs comes in large part from their immediacy:

"It's good for the legal community to have information out there faster, and to have more people think about it and comment on it. The more that happens, the greater understanding we have and the more effectively we can represent our clients."

Are blogs coming of age? No question. Are they fully matured? Not by a long shot.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on July 31, 2006 at 04:17 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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