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Never Too Early to Start Cultivating Patrons of the Arts

There's a lot of marketing going on at law firm summer associate programs, though not in the way you might think. Sure, firms are wining and dining young law students and trying to sell them on all the benefits of working at the firm. But in New York, cultural and artistic institutes have been marketing themselves to summer associates, hoping that today's young law students will become tomorrow's patrons of the arts, as described in this NYT article, "For Top Law Students, A Sidebar with the Arts" (7/23/06). Kianga Ellis , founder of Avail Art, a for-profit company to support the arts, describes:

“I hope to create a pipeline of new patrons for the arts. The challenge the arts are facing in terms of cultivating new patrons is how to make it interesting and relevant to the lifestyle of new professionals. It’s about making it part of your lifestyle -- where you ate dinner, where you go on the weekend.”

Avail Art is not the only program to match lawyers with the arts. According to the article, last summer, the Appollo Theatre Foundation hosted summer associates for an amateur night at the Apollo, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland held a social networking party for local nonprofits and summer associates from Cleveland's top law firms. 

The article asks whether "convincing young lawyers to buy art can ease the spiritual burden of 2500 billable hours a year." I wonder that myself. Will lawyers feel better about not having followed another passion, like art or writing, because they can afford to buy or sponsor it? Or does that simply make the longing worse?

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on July 24, 2006 at 06:15 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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