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Survey: Legal Bloggers Mostly Male

The legal blogosphere is an overwhelmingly white-male world, more so than the blogosphere at large, according to a new survey of diversity among bloggers. Three quarters of legal bloggers are male, and 94 percent are white, the survey finds.

Blogger Simon Owens undertook the survey after he read a Newsweek column in which Steven Levy asked, "Does the blogosphere have a diversity problem?" Owens decided to find out. He e-mailed a four-question survey to 1,000 bloggers asking them to identify their races and genders and the niche of their blogs.

The results suggest that the legal blogosphere is less diverse than the blogosphere as a whole. Women make up 31 percent of all bloggers, but only 26 percent of law bloggers. And while 73 percent of all bloggers classify themselves as white, 94 percent of law bloggers do.

The results are far from scientific, as Owens readily admits. He does not say how many bloggers responded to his survey, only that he waited until he had received back "a representative sample from each niche." His survey would suggest, for example, that there are no legal bloggers who are Black or Asian, even though the reality is otherwise.

Still, I suspect Owens' numbers are in the ballpark. Legal bloggers have not been shy about criticizing the profession for its lack of diversity. Perhaps we need to examine our online legal world more closely. If the perspective of the legal blogosphere is overwhelmingly white and male, then its view of the world is distorted.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on September 20, 2006 at 03:43 PM | Permalink | Comments (8)


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