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The $45 Million-a-Year Lawyer Who Doesn't Even Market

All of the press about the glass ceilings for women at law firms makes it seem as if there aren't any women at all who've managed to make it to the top. So initially, it was refreshing to read this profile about Superwoman Lawyer, Amy Schulman, 45, who not only is the top grossing lawyer in DLA Piper's 3,000-lawyer practice, boasting a client portfolio worth $45 millon, but also has the ability to speed through 600 emails a day.

Given Schulman's success in building a lucrative practice, I ran a Google search in hopes of finding some gems of wisdom that might help other women succeed at firms. Instead, I found this nonsense from an interview with Schulman by Law Practice Today. Asked about her marketing, Schulman replied:

  I never think of myself as “marketing."  I don’t have a secret that I’m not sharing. My rainmaking success comes from two things: my conviction that I can be really helpful to clients and my ability to offer them a valuable service. Rainmaking sounds like you’re selling something. What you have to want is not business, but what the business represents: to help clients with something they need done and can’t do without you, or at least, not as easily. Concentrate on becoming the best lawyer you can be in your field.

Please! While, clearly, Schulman generates lots of billings from heading megacases that involve hundreds of man hours, you can't bring in the kinds of large clients that produce that type of revenue without marketing.   I sure hope Schulman is more convincing when she litigates for clients than when it comes to discussing marketing.

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on September 21, 2006 at 07:11 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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