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What Ann Baskins Teaches

The blogosphere will no doubt have a field day with Ann Baskins' resignation as HP's general counsel. But what are the lessons for general counsel elsewhere? Of the commentary I've read so far, I like the common-sense analysis offered by The Wired GC:

"One emerging lesson seems to be that everything comes out in the press eventually and that has to be weighed when examining options. What is possible may not be wise. What is legal may not be right. And I know that some alleged conduct of HP is of dubious legality.

"The phrase 'the cure is worse than the disease' seems somewhat apt here."

In legal writing, we use the phrase, "emphasis added." Let's add emphasis through repetition for corporate over-reachers everywhere: "What is possible may not be wise." Had HP only had The Wired GC.

Meanwhile, let us not mourn Ms. Baskins. Legal Pad reports that her jump was eased by a particularly golden parachute.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on September 29, 2006 at 05:22 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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