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Trial Lawyers Collaborate on Web Site

If you think that trial lawyers constantly compete with each other for top cases, think again. The newly created Trial Lawyer Resource Center (TLRC) is a hot-off-the-presses blog that represents the collaborative efforts of 10 trial lawyers. Some of the collaborators, like David Swanner of South Carolina Trial Law Blog, John Day of Day on Torts, Mark Zamora of A Georgia Lawyer and Ron Miller of Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog may already be familiar names from the blogsphere. Here's how the TLRC blog describes its purpose:

[this is a blog where a] number of the USA's top trial attorneys join together with litigation experts to lend their expertise on topics that matter in your trial practice. Gain insight in case selection, work up, trial strategy, evidence, and post settlement issues. Contributors will reqularly share their real life experiences and knowledge to help you represent injured consumers.

But there's something even more radical about the TLRC besides collaboration and the wealth of information that it will provide to other lawyers at no cost. Traditionally, resources provided by the American Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA; soon to be known as the American Association for Justice) has limited certain membership benefits, such as listserve participation, to plaintiffs lawyers. But the lawyers at TLRC apparently have no compunction about sharing their secrets, not just with other plaintiffs lawyers but with the defense bar as well. My guess is that TLRC will find a major audience not just with plaintiffs lawyers but with their adversaries as well.

For more information on the new site, read Evan Schaeffer's interview with David Swanner at Legal Underground.


Posted by Carolyn Elefant on October 4, 2006 at 02:39 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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