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"I think I was born with the research gene," Sabrina Pacifici tells lawyer Mark Tamminga in his interview of this prolific legal blogger, publisher and researcher for the December 2006 issue of the ABA's Law Practice magazine. Pacifici is author of the popular legal blog beSpacific and founder of the equally popular law and technology webzine Pacifici tells Tamminga that she is excited about the impact blogs are making on research and the legal profession. But blogs are not necessarily right for every lawyer or every project, she says.

"In weighing the decision to launch or participate in a blog, there are several important factors, including determining if the format offers the requisite criteria, then establishing a level of comfort with the features of the application you choose and, in following, making a commitment to consistently add reliable, well-sourced, new data and information. Also, identifying the intended audience -- your community of readers -- is especially important."

Anyone who follows Pacifici's blog knows that she is prolific and consistent. How does she manage daily blog postings, a Web publication, a full-time job and other projects? She tells Tamminga:

"I can honestly say that I never tire of it. The energy I draw from working on these online publications is not draining. It is sustaining. It is a lot of work, but I couldn’t imagine not doing it."

The interview is not yet available on the Law Practice magazine Web site, but a copy is available through

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