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Anonymous Blogger's Challenge: Unveil Me

Taking his cue from the Christmas tradition of mummering, the Anonymous Editor of Blawg Review is offering legal bloggers their one opportunity in 2007 to unveil his identity. In the middle ages, Anonymous Editor explains, veiled mummers marked the 12 days of Christmas by wandering from house to house, where the occupants would question them to guess their identities. Success would mean the unveiling of the mummer and a small celebration of cakes and cordials.

For Blawg Review #89, Anonymous Editor takes on the mummer's role. He invites every blogger visited in this review to ask him three questions aimed at his unveiling. I'll let him explain from there:

In the tradition of mummering, every blogger visited in Blawg Review #89 will be permitted to ask no more than three questions in a single private email to the editor as to his identity -- each question requiring a simple "yes or no" answer -- but may not ask a direct question as to a name or other pseudonym used by the editor, such as, "Are you so-and-so?" or "Is such-and-such your blog?" Questions and answers must be kept confidential, on oath, by each enquirer and the editor except as follows.

On January 6th, the end of the mummering, the editor of Blawg Review will post an addendum to this Blawg Review #89 discussing some of the more interesting questions and answers publicly for the first time, and disclosing whether his true personal identity has been discovered. If the secret identity of your anonymous editor remains undiscovered after these inquisitions, we shall entertain no more discussion of it this year.

Mummers traveled in groups, but rarely a lone mummer would appear. Anonymous Editor tells us that superstitious villagers dreaded the appearance of a lone mummer, seeing it as a certain sign of impending death in the new year. Ominously, Anonymous Editor takes on the guise of that lone mummer. If we are successful in unveiling him, there will be cakes and cordials all around. But we'll also be watching over our shoulders.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on January 3, 2007 at 05:12 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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