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Valentine's for Tekkies

If you head out for a Valentine's Day dinner tonight, don't be surprised if the person in the dimly lit booth next you cooing softly to his Treo is Rick Georges, author of the Future Lawyer blog. Today on, Georges pens a love letter to his favorite tech gadgets. He swoons over the "thin good looks" of his Olevia 27-inch LCD TV/computer monitor and revels in how his SlingBox has changed his life.  Lest we conclude Georges has gone head over heels for technology, he assures us, "I love my wife, who tolerates my obsession with gadgets and technology, as long as she gets my old stuff."

If you think Georges is alone in turning his amorous thoughts to technology this Valentine's Day, think again. At the blog Sci Fi Tech, we are treated to the top 10 gadget gifts for your Valentine. There is the Marziphone, a BlackBerry modeled from marzipan, and the umbrella built for two. Top of the Sci Fi list: Any good quality 42-inch plasma TV.

At his blog Inter Alia, lawyer Tom Mighell offers a Valentine's tech present from SpeedFiler. Mighell has a soft spot in his heart for this Outlook add-in, which helps you sort your sent e-mails. So he teamed up with SpeedFiler's creator to offer a sweet discount.

For a more stellar display of your affection, head over to YNIS -- that stands for Your Name into Space -- where, for a tax-deductible contribution, you can post your Valentine's Day message or image on a satellite. In the process, you will be supporting an initiative by students at MIT and Georgia Tech to launch their own, unmanned research spacecraft.

Finally this Valentine's Day, don't forget about protection. As Channel Register reports, various Valentine's Day worms and phishing spam are making the rounds, and they might give you an infection you'd rather not have. How would Georges explain that to his Treo?

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on February 14, 2007 at 03:17 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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